Website localization is the process of adapting an existing website to the local culture and language in a target market. In the procedure of website localization, there are two important aspects involved:

  • programming expertise and
  • linguistic/cultural knowledge about the target market

Today, people all over the world treat the Internet as their first port of call for information, shopping and services, but they speak different languages. Businesses fully perceive the benefits of localizing their websites, so website localization has become one of the crucial strategies for their global expansion.

Our Website Localization Practices
The following is an overview of our website localization practices:

  1. Pre-Translation Analysis
  2. Project Kick-Off
  3. Subject Matter Training and Research
  4. Glossary Development
  5. Cultural Correctness Assessment
  6. Translating, Editing and Proofreading
  7. Website Graphic an& UI Localization
  8. Document Formatting and DTP
  9. Multimedia Localization
  10. Quality Assurance and Testing
  11. Project Delivery
  12. Post Editing and File Archiving