About us

Eliontech was incorporated in 2007 in Singapore with a vision to streamline and simplify the management and deployment of your business infrastructure. The name “Eliontech” is a combination of ”E-tech” and “Lion”, the national symbol of Singapore, as well as the abbreviation of "Localization".

We are committed to offer the most reliable, simplified, unified and cost-effective language solutions and putting your focus on building your core business competitiveness. We partner with top localization specialists and experienced languages experts to leverage our niche services and prepare it for your globalization and localization uses that include everything from translation, localization, technical writing, multimedia and even consultative services – market entry support and project management.

We take pride in our ability to offer the highest possible quality language services in all major languages.

  • Professionals – we combine the expertise of our network of professional translators to bring the clients the best unrivaled translation quality service.
  • Quality – our network of translators and proofreaders are the best in the industry to ensure we deliver consistently high standard services.

Our core values

  • Specialization: our team in Singapore, Hong Kong and Mainland China are equipped with in-depth knowledge of specific business operations and solutions
  • Competency: we have established networks & business contacts in Mainland China
  • Professionalism: we fully understand our clients' needs, abilities and resources to meet their specific strategic and business needs
  • Coverage: Our headquarters is in Singapore, with Hong Kong as our business operation center, as well as branch offices in Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen.

Contact us for your specific language needs.

(Please be advised that we will not use non-company domain email addresses to communicate with you. Beware of fake scam emails.)