The incorporation of new translation technologies and the use of Computer Aided Translation (CAT) Tools may be just what you need to optimize your translation productivity. CAT tools help companies to substantially increase their overall productivity while maintaining rigorous quality consistency when dealing with large volumes of material. CAT tools make your translation work easier and more cost efficient. But selecting the right CAT tool and making good use of it can be a difficult task.

Our aim is to be the total solution provider that you can rely on when managing your translation workflow:

  • CAT solutions and application management services
    • CAT platform selection and implementation
    • Integration requirements
  • Customized terminology solutions for corporate clients
  • Terminology database management solutions (collection, translation, and proofreading)
  • Translation database management solutions (collection, translation, and proofreading)
  • Language assets creation
    • Collection of parallel corpora, translation of new materials, and proofreading of Terminology & Translation memory